Unique in Germany - Samuel-Heinicke-Fachoberschule

Located in the west of Munich, Samuel-Heinicke-FOS is a secondary school of applied sciences dedicated to teaching talented students with special needs (hearing-impaired or deaf as well as ADD, dyslexics) in reverse integration classes. We emphasise individual facilitation in small classes (max. 14 students).

Students can decide which faculty they want to attend:

  • Technology
  • Economics
  • Arts and Design
  • Social Sciences

As our concept is based on integration and inclusion, hearing students also attend our school. In inclusion and deaf-only classes we mainly teach orally and partly bilingually, using German Sign Language.

Our staff consists of teachers, a deaf teacher for sign-language, a counselling office for students with special needs and a social pedagogue.

The school offers lunch and dinner at our canteen.